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Viewlers - Free Visual Digital Ruler App #Android Viewlers Visual Digital Ruler Free Android App Lets you measure accurately any object. Onscreen Digital Ruler or Visual Ruler using your phones camera. Built in Length...

The Flying Ruler App: just move your device from one place to another.

iOS Store: "I was impressed with Flying Ruler's accuracy. It works quickly and effectively", "It's the perfect addition to anyone's...

Ruler app Android


Measure, save, use ⬅ left, right ➡ phone edge! Get it here:

MeasureKit — AR ruler app for iOS 11

Measure everything with augmented reality ruler tools in MeasureKit. Built on ARKit, available for iOS 11. Get it for free on the App Store: http://measur...

Large Ruler App

Example usage of the Large Ruler App. The infinite length yellow ruler! Get the app on Google Play! Approximate...

iHandy Level iPhone App Review Here's a review of the iHandy Level app for the iPhone.

Ruler App For Android! A Ruler On Your Device!

GiveMeApps - Your App Mall. Download and Sell Apps! Sign Up For Free! Rather than stuffing a bunch of tools in your knapsack or pocket, why not have them...

How measure large objects with iPhone Ruler app

Ruler app can help you measure large objects iPhone/iPad Ruler app at App Store Song: Otis McDonald - Fingers.

Tape Measure Application Part 2

This video showcases our tape measure app working at different angles and distances from a business card sized target.

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